Miner 2049er Serial #8-10

This package contains a game for the Intellivision, one cartridge, one manual, one Elektronite catalog and two overlays in a shrink-wrapped box with a serial number.

Manufacturer: Elektronite

MINER 2049er

Bounty Bob is back on the trail of the treacherous Yukon Yohan! Over 35 years have passed since he first entered Nuclear Ned’s mine but now he’s more determined than ever to find him! 
This time, however, is going to be even harder! Bounty Bob has discovered that there are actually 22 different stations (levels) of the mine and there are some areas even Nuclear Ned didn’t know about!
 Bounty Bob must cover every inch of each level before oxygen runs out, all the while avoiding the deadly radio-active creatures that inhabit the mine. Join Bounty Bob in his intrepid search to finally track down Yukon Yohan once and for all!

  • Take on the role of Bounty Bob, intrepid member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, on a treacherous search for Yukon Yohan through Nuclear Ned's abandoned uranium mine.
  • Navigate a myriad of obstacles while avoiding the radio active creatures that inhabit the mine.
  • Collect objects left behind by past miners for bonus points!
  • 22 exciting levels, 11 of them NEW and challenging secret caverns that even Ned didn't know about!
  • To complete the level, every section of the flooring must be covered.
  • Each level is timed and must be completed before Bob runs out of oxygen!
  • Experience the fullness of the classic levels of Miner 2049er along with new challenges created by the original designer, like the flooded cavern, the wind tunnel and the geyser just to name a few!
  • Programmed by Óscar Toledo Gutierrez
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This package contains a game for the Intellivision. One cartridge, one manual and two overlays in a shrink-wrapped box with a serial number.