Ninja Odyssey [New, Cart and ROM for LTO Flash Only]

This package contains a game for the Intellivision. One cartridge and a ROM version of the game encrypted for use only with the LTO Flash (will be emailed).
Manufacturer: Elektronite
Availability: In stock

ROM sales are for the LTO Flash cart Only. ROMs will be encrypted to your LTO Flash cart. Your ROM purchase will not work on other multicarts, emulators or other LTO Flash carts. You will need to send your order number and LTO Flash ID (located on the home TAB of the LTO Flash software) using the CONTACT US button.  Your encrypted ROM will be sent by email in a day or two.

Ninja Odyssey

For hundreds of years, in a remote country, the hidden valley of Teguma lived in peace.  Until one day...

Three ancestral ghosts returned from the beyond.  In order to live again, they drained the souls of all the people in the valley...

All except for one! The Ninja Kasuhiro Kun still stands!  He must travel to the three temples where the ghosts are draining their power before his soul is taken away!

Video of Nija Odyssey:

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